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Foreign Lawyers Registration


In order to provide legal services under foreign law in the state of Israel, foreign lawyers and foreign law firms operating in Israel must be registered with the Israeli Bar Association ("IBA") pursuant to Sections 98f and 98i of Bar Association Law, 5721- 1961. This registration is mandatory.


In order to register as a Foreign Lawyer one must meet the following basic requirements (additional documents will be required with the application):

  1. Valid license to practice law in a foreign country.
  2. Five years of professional experience as a lawyer in the same foreign country.
  3. Passing grade on the Israeli Ethics Exam for Foreign Lawyers.
  4. Professional liability insurance in Israel compliant with the IBA Order (Securities for a Foreign Lawyer), 5772 – 2012.


Foreign Law Firm Branch


A foreign law firm planning to open a branch in Israel is required to notify the IBA within 30 days of opening. The branch must employ at least one Lawyer who is already registered with the IBA as an Israeli Lawyer or as a Foreign Lawyer.



Ethics Exam applicable for Foreign Lawyers  : October 31 , 2021


for next Ethics Exam applicable for Foreign Lawyers please follow up with changes.



To download a "model exam" - press here


For further details and information please contact

 Ms. Yehudit Liany

via e-mail:

via Tel: 972-2-5411208

or Fax: 972-1532-5411208




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