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Advocate Amit Acco to be an M.S. Lin Scholar to the 14th Annual IPBA Conference 2004 in Seoul, Korea


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Adv. Acco is the Global Relocation Department Manager at Kan-Tor & Schwartz, a law firm that specializes in immigration law related to global corporate relocation ( Adv. Acco’s selection was based on his international expertise and publications relating to the global mobility of professional experts. A significant part of his practice concerns the relocation of experts from the Asia Pacific Region to Israel.

Adv. Amit AccoIPBA conference site

The Inter-Pacific Bar Association ("IPBA") is an international association of business and commercial lawyers with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region. The IPBA annual meeting and conference provides an opportunity for lawyers throughout the world to get to know each other better and to increase their legal knowledge and practice skills.


The theme of the 2004 conference is The World Meets ASIA (Asian Spirit and Innovative Arena). Adv. Acco strongly believes that the conference will provide an excellent opportunity to cultivate ties between Israel and the Asia-Pacific region and provide opportunities for the further development of the legal system and cultural ties between the two regions of the world.


Adv. Acco also mentioned that the globalization of the business community presents new legal challenges and opportunities and therefore it is important for Israeli attorneys to take an active role in global bar associations such as the reputable IPBA.


As an attending attorney from Israel, Adv. Acco looks forward to bringing back the latest legal developments concerning this area of the world and encourage mutually beneficial cooperation between Asian and Israeli bar associations, and will contribute to the further awareness of the region's cultural, business and commercial law and legal system.


Adv. Acco is an active member of the Israeli Bar Association Subcommittee for Legislation -Foreign Workers in Israel, and recently moderated the 1st legal conference regarding legislation relating to foreign employees in Israel, which was attended by over 200 members of the Israeli legal community.  Unquestionably, Adv. Acco's attendance at the IPBA conference will gain him valuable knowledge to be shared at the next conference.


The increasing need for the transfer of professional personnel and knowledge from one country to the other has become a dominant legal issue in the last decade. It is his hope that the continuing active exchange of information and practice among global legal representatives from different regions will benefit the entire legal community.


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